Great reflections Daniel! I recall that time of family life, when the children needed constant attention, and the immense patience that was required. My husband was ready to help and very supportive, but I certainly did not expect him to 'do his equal share' at home. This was my work, and he had his to focus on. Embracing our respective spheres was important for harmony at home.

You will move through the early years of childrearing faster than you can imagine - I still clearly picture my toddler daughter dancing around the living room, and now she is in second-year of university. Patience, slowness, and longsuffering are needed in great quantities during these early years, but they will result in wonderful new human beings:)

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Sep 14, 2023Liked by Daniel Joseph Petty

"I missed writing. Which is such a cool place for me to be in. A few months ago I was struggling to write and publish regularly and now it’s become so routine that I missed it."

And your writing has gotten better and better each week. I love your "sermons" . Thanks, Daniel.

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