Nov 2, 2023Liked by Daniel Joseph Petty

"Scoot, did you like this post?"

"Yea, Yea"

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Daniel, this is my favorite of your pieces so far! I was looking for a quick outline of the historical development of "The Machine" to reference in my most recent post, but I guess I was writing a day too soon. Excellent!

Also, The Killers, 👌

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Thank you. As I read your post this morning is seriously could not believe how many similar elements it shared with this, which I had scheduled. It was an awesome feeling.

And yes!! I love The Killers. I’ve been really fixed on them recently.

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Excellent piece Daniel - there indeed seems to be a vibe in the air! Also, great practical advice you provide:)

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Wonderful reflections - and now I need to follow the threads back through your previous digital detox editions. I've found that I need to maintain physical boundaries with devices in order to really honor the goals I set around them, and this feels inspiring.

One of the most insidious pieces of social media for me is the "scratching the itch" aspect - it just *barely* scratches the itch of community, or creativity, or whatever else we look to it for...just enough so that we get partially satiated and don't actually translate our need for community to our real surroundings.

Your list of suggestions is in tune with what I've been trying to do...balance out the online interactions with more in-person community involvement. I'm an introvert, so it's easy for me to shy away from that and go for more mediated community online...but if that doesn't spill into my actual community, such an important piece is missing.

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